Tarot Readings

Topaz & Co. is now offering Tarot Readings with our resident Tarot Guru - Jade. Jade has been personally reading Tarot & Oracle cards for over 10 years. 

So what is Tarot? 

Contrary to popular belief Tarot is not all about predicting the future, or bringing up secrets of the past. Tarot can be used as a great technique to better understand ourselves.

It helps us tune in to the events happening around us, and learn about the paths we can take moving forward. 

The true answers lie within ourselves and tarot is a beautiful way to unlock these doors and empower ourselves.

What can you expect from a reading? 

Select the reading you would like from our Tarot category, continue through the checkout process and in delivery notes add in your question and birth date. You will receive via email, a beautifully written and presented personal reading. 

Each reading is totally unique and and showcases a photograph of the cards drawn during your reading.

Jade has a unique style of reading, and you can expect a very down-to-earth, intuitive and sensitive reading, free from assumptions or judgement. Jade will help you understand where you are right now and the best ways you can empower yourself. 

What not to expect?

Predicting your future

The whole idea of a Tarot reading is to draw awareness to your current situation and with what’s going on right here & right now. There may be opportunities or pathways that are currently being overlooked. Tarot can help to shed light to a different perspective and help you to empower yourself. 

A psychic reading

Jade is not a psychic, as much as she would like to be one. Simply a deeply intuitive and empathetic gal who works with what’s directly in front of her.

A reading on third parties

Because Tarot is all about your perception, your journey and your empowerment.

The lotto numbers

Nice try though! 

Tarot Reading Online Perth


Code of ethics as written by Jade Maclou

I will not read about anyone but you. Though other people may feature in your situation/question and may be mentioned in your reading, I will not use tarot to find out information about them. Please do not ask me to look into the heart or mind of anyone other than yourself – this is unethical and, in my opinion, impossible. Your reading will be focused on you.

I do not predict the future, though I may read about the path you are on and where it may be leading.

Readings are given on the understanding that you are an adult with your own free will. I am therefore not responsible for any actions or events which may take place following this reading. My readings are based on my firm belief that we choose our own paths in life and are responsible for our own actions. More power to you.

My intention in reading for a querent will always be to help them to arrive at their own conclusions.

I will not encourage anyone to become dependent upon me. Though I do provide follow up readings, I will refuse readings where I feel that a querent is becoming dependent or using tarot reading as a way of avoiding an issue.

I will not give medical, legal or financial advice.


Terms and conditions of readings

Readings will not be completed until payment has been made.

Readings will normally be received within one week of payment. If there is a delay you will be advised via email. 

Limited to one question per person, per reading. 

Readings are delivered by email. You will receive a pdf copy of your unique reading.

I reserve the right to refuse any reading if I choose. In these cases a full refund will be given if payment has already been made.

In ordering a reading, you are paying for my time and expertise in reading the cards, and a written document containing my ideas.

I do not read for under-18s.

These tarot readings are provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only.

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